Game Boxes: Long or Square?

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Do you prefer your games in long boxes, or in square boxes?

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Game Boxes: Long or Square?

Post by alwaysPeacock » Fri Feb 23, 2018 3:20 am

Stumbled upon these "Amazon exclusive" editions of The Game of Life and Monopoly . They're nearly identical to the current retail offerings from Hasbro, with some minor differences: this Monopoly offers the Speed Die, and this Life offers over 30 career cards and the Vacation cards (currently only available in stores if you find the Travelocity tie-in edition).

What's got them on my shopping list, though, is how they're packaged:


Square boxes! Same as our North American Clue game, and same as the UK editions of Monopoly for the past few years.

I buy a LOT of board/tabletop games in a given year, and my storage space is not expanding any time soon. The more premium games publishers all seem to have embraced square boxes, or at least embraced making the packaging as compact as is reasonably possible. Meanwhile, Hasbro seems split on any consistent packaging for their games, with varying options for any one game available depending upon the shopper's country, or the retailer's preference.

And then the novelty publishers offer a range of box sizes depending on if the game is a reproduction of a vintage edition, or a collector's edition tied to a popular brand.

I can deal with the space eaten up by my vintage games because A.) I like looking at them, and B.) they're kept on display, rather than stored for quick access.

With newer games, the ones I'm likely to pull off the shelf for a game night, or pack to take on a trip, I really appreciate the more compact square boxes. I'm of the opinion that most games don't need very large boxes, and I'm perfectly willing to double dip on a title if it means I can better utilize my limited storage space (in the case of Monopoly and Life, I'll be selling off the long box copies, because I really don't need multiples of those in my library).

How about you? Do you prefer a certain kind of packaging for your games? Would you buy a new copy of a game you already own (like the current Monopoly, for example) if it meant getting it in your preferred box size?
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Post by Murder by Death » Fri Feb 23, 2018 2:23 pm

Now I see why this is here, and not in the General Clue forum.

A lot about which version I prefer is based on what the game is.

I would always prefer a long Clue box because of the artwork that traditionally appears on the box top. In my opinion, the long box is wasted in the Winning Moves "Classic" Clue game, as it's just a picture of the board. If you're going to take up all that space, put some beautiful artwork on it.

Other games, it would depend on how important it is that the game lay smooth and flat. Monopoly is definitely one I'd prefer a single fold on. Scrabble as well. Risk would be another. The Game of Life probably isn't as critical. Just depends.

But Clue is the only board game where the box artwork is equally as important to me as the game, and therefore, the larger the canvas for it, the better.

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