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Post by Murder by Death » Mon May 08, 2017 7:22 pm

I had to move this to its own topic as I almost missed it in the Current Thoughts thread ...

JepMZ wrote:There's a new Legend of Zelda Clue game coming. Not sure if there's a Cluedo version. It's way overpriced tho either lack of figurines. I made a topic about it a day or two ago but it's automatically moderated. Probably due to the disgusting spam happening at the moment.

alwaysPeacock wrote:
Good lord...I hate how overpriced all these licensed editions of the game are. I'll gladly pay upwards of $35-50 for Catan, Mysterium, Betrayal, Ticket to Ride, et al, because those are all so well made. They actually look & feel like a premium product & earn their higher price tags.

Meanwhile, we have endless themed Clue, Monopoly, Yahtzee, etc games, mass produced with cardboard playing pieces, often lazy art design, and we're expected to shell out a premium for that?

I'm not even sure who the target audience for these games is supposed to be. A rabid Alien vs. Predator fan might want to add the Clue game to their collection, but who else? Is there really a big enough fanbase for the Zelda games that's also been clamoring to see their favorite characters & whatnot transposed into the Clue mold? Methinks not.

At least the Harry Potter/Doctor Who/Sherlock editions make some sense. Massive built in fan base, plus guaranteed crossover appeal with gamers within the franchise's fanbase. I can even see the Downton Abbey version appealing as a gift for a fan of the show who might find the idea of a Cluedo mystery at the abbey an amusing premise (meaning me and a bunch of older British women, probably).
BBP wrote:BF tells me there are that kind of rabid Zelda fans. They'll also shell out hundreds of dollars for the three CD-i Zelda games, which are known to be bad, because of Zelda. Can't say I'm surprised.

I don't like it when Cluedo isn't about murder. For a theft or a measly excuse like this Zelda game I don't roll dice.

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