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Hunger Games Clue

Post by cluefan8888 » Sat Jan 21, 2017 4:26 pm

Just enter the names of 12 female suspects and 12 male suspects then get your results!
Day 1

Mr. Green killed by Professor Plum
Mr. Slate-Grey killed by Mme. Rose
Professor Plum killed by Sgt. Grey
Col. Mustard killed by Miss Cyan
M. Gold killed by Mme. Rose
Miss Rose killed by Rev. Green
Lady Lavander killed by Mme. Rose
Mrs. Sky-Blue killed by Lady Oakwood
Mrs. Meadow-Brook killed by Mr. Ash
Mme. Rose killed by Mr. Ash

Day 2

Prince Azure killed by Mrs. White
Sgt. Grey killed by Miss Cyan
Cpnt. Brown killed by Insp. Grey
Miss Scarlet killed by Rev. Green

Day 3

M. Brunette killed by Miss Grey
Lady Oakwood killed by Rev. Green
Yvette killed by Mrs. White

Day 4

Miss Grey killed by Mr. Ash
Insp. Grey killed by Mrs. Peacock
Miss Cyan killed by Mrs. Peacock

Day 5

Mrs. Peacock killed by Rev. Green
Mrs. White killed by Mr. Ash
Mr. Ash killed by Rev. Green

Rev. Green is the victor!
For more Descriptive (and awesome) results please click the link,Then Edit your cast. :

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Post by DeclineFall » Mon Jan 23, 2017 10:30 am

Aside, I haven't watched The Hunger Games films - nor any of the recent superhero (and related) films made.

Most of that is lost on me.

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