Are Mr. Boddy & Dr. Black related?

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Are Dr. Black and Mr. Boddy related?

They’re the same
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Are Mr. Boddy & Dr. Black related?

Post by Jonathan Green » Wed Jul 22, 2020 3:16 pm

Do you think that Mr. Boddy and Dr. Black are related to each other? If so, what’s their relationship?

I like coinilius‘s idea of their relationship: Dr. Black and Sir Hugh Black are the same/Dr. Black is Boddy’s uncle.

Also something to note: In the UK, Physicians/Surgeons are sometimes referred as “Mr” as a honorary title. So Boddy could be Dr. Black, or at least be a doctor. ... -as-doctor ... -countries

As why Boddy would be called Black, I think it’s him being called by his family estate’s name. A “title” in short.

Ex. John Boddy, Lord Black of Tudor Close/ Being called “Doctor Black” after his profession.
Like Lord Edgware from Agatha Christie’s Lord Edgware Dies, his full title is George Alfred St Vincent Marsh, fourth Baron Edgware.
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