The Masquerade Murder - disappointing

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The Masquerade Murder - disappointing

Post by JStryker47 » Wed Oct 30, 2019 12:14 am

Recently, I ordered the Clue Mystery Puzzle: The Masquerade Murder, as a birthday gift to myself. The premise is that Dr. Black sends his six friends invitations to a costume party, along with some specific costumes for them to wear. For, as it turns out, he knows each of their darkest secrets; which he intends to blackmail them with. However, one of those guests got ahold of an ax that came with Professor Plum's firefighter costume and used it to murder Dr. Black. (Why he sent Plum a real ax, rather than a prop, I'll never understand.)

Typically, when I do these puzzles, I always read the booklet first and then work on the puzzle. Then, when it's complete, I look for the clues and try to think of who the killer was. Once I think I've figured it out, I check the solution to see if I'm right. In this case, however, I'm afraid I was able to figure it out before I even got to finishing the puzzle. In the story, they mentioned that Dr. Black was clutching a red piece of cloth from the killer's costume and the puzzle contained a photo of the six guests, which was taken by the butler; who noticed something that told him exactly who the killer was. So when putting the border together; which is how I usually start on the puzzle, I almost immediately noticed that the head of one of the guests was right at the top of the picture and that that person's costume was missing a red piece of cloth. Regardless, I completed the puzzle for something to do, and checked the solution, hoping I wasn't right because it seemed way too easy. But alas, I was.

What's more disappointing, however, is that after looking at all the evidence, and I do mean all of it, any detective on the case would have to place all six guests under arrest.


Mrs. Blanche White: for escaping from prison
Mrs. Elizabeth Peacock: for the murder of Mr. Enoch Peacock
Professor Peter Plum: for arson and insurance fraud
Miss Vivienne Scarlet: for piracy of copyrighted music
Colonel Michael Mustard: for gambling fraud
Reverand Johnathan Green: for the illegal dumping of hazardous materials and the murder of Dr. David Black

(spoiler end)

Most disappointing of all though, is that in all the puzzles I've done myself - A Merry Little Murder, Death in the First Edition, Killers in the Kitchen, and The Masquerade Murder, there was always just one or two little clues to indicate who the killer was. Whereas the one that my brother got for Christmas several years back - Killer on Board, was far more interesting. In that one, there were enough clues at the scene for anyone who was kind of smart to figure out exactly how the events played out, as well as one in particular to indicate the killer's identity. I wish the ones I bought myself could've been more like that one.

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