Are Dr. Black & Mr. Boddy the same?

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Boddy = Black?

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Are Dr. Black & Mr. Boddy the same?

Post by Jonathan Green » Fri Sep 13, 2019 5:50 pm

Do you think Mr. Boddy and Dr. Black are the same person?

For me, yes and no.
I see two Blacks.
Let me explain...

Mr. John Thomas Boddy is a member of the Black Family, which owns the Blackwell Estate.
Mr. Boddy is also a renowned physician, making him a doctor.
"Dr. Black" for Mr. Boddy is a title, which he got from both from his profession and family/estate name.

It's like the Tarzan/John Clayton II = Viscount Greystoke
Clayton was Tarzan's English surname, his estate's name is Greystoke, which makes him Viscount Greystoke.
Viscount - a title which is above a Baron but below a Earl.

But I think Sir Hugh Black might be Dr. Black too.
In Clue DVD game, Ashe says that the medal was from his uncle, Dr. Black.
Not Sir Hugh, not Hugh Black, Dr. Black.

Which makes me think, did John Boddy (2002) become a doctor because of his uncle?
What type of doctor was Hugh?
Was Hugh knighted for his military career or saving a royal family member's life?

I also like to note that Sir Hugh is called Professor Black in Germany.
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