Best Room Worst Room.

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Best Room Worst Room.

Post by CluedoKid » Wed Oct 04, 2006 8:33 pm

Ahhhhh, I love opinions.

Remember it has to be on an actual board not the computer games or movie or Franklin Mint. You may also not use the early Cluedo boards because it wouldn't be a fair comparison.

Those ones are too easy to use. :wink:

What is your favourite room of a edition on the board? What is your least?

Best Hall: US 1996
Something feels very entrancey about this Hall. But the thing I love most is the terrific flooring! The parquet works terrificly.

Worst Hall: US 1947
Well the thing that bugs me is the simple single door. The Hall needs the Double doors to command presence and importance.

Best Lounge: UK 2000
This Lounge shows class! It's got a fireplace, a piano...very classy.

Worst Lounge: US 1986
This Lounge is so plain to the point of rediculousness!! It's got one painting, one armchair, one window cushion bench and one measly wooden chair. I hate all the unused space.

Best Dining Room: US 1996
It's not too gaudy and it is still elegant. The missing candlestick is a plus.

Worst Dining Room: US 1949
Wow, only two chairs. Where did the suspects eat? In the non-existing bathroom?

Best Kitchen: Clue Master Detective
Nicely coloured, homey looking, yet with all those butcher knives everywhere.....

Worst Kitchen: US 1963
It's too retro looking, it looks more suitble for the 1950 clean suburbian kitchen that every family in America deserves.

Best Ballroom: US 1963
With that stage, chandeleir and bridged doors? It wins my vote hands down.

Worst Ballroom: US 1986
What is with that tiny trinket piano and that fake floor pattern?

Best Conservatory: US 1992
The colours for this room feel nice and planty, and I could enjoy a nice glass a lemonade. Clue Master Dectective also has a terrific conservatory.

Worst Conservatory: US 1972
I'm sorry but it just isn't a music room in my opinion, thats why they made a ballroom.

Best Billiard Room: UK 2000
This Billiard Room is terrificly Art Deco, has a fireplace and a gamely atmosphere. It reminds me of my favourite Billiard Room looks from Clue: Fatal Illusion.

Worst Billiard Room:US 1986
The table is far too puny, and the the colouring of this room is so gnarly and ugly.

Best Library: US 1992
This room looks so cozy. It's got a fireplace, a rich red colouring, and pretty little stain glassed lamp.

Worst Library: US 1986
This is example of bad use of furniture, and not enough bookcases.

Best Study: UK 2000

Well since I can't use Murder at Boddy Mansion, this Study is easily the second best. It looks very smart and classy. It's got a little bone display and a lovely bay window.

Worst Study: US 1986
Where's the desk? What's with that lonely looking outta place fireplace with no surrounding items? Why's the 1986 board so awful?

Best Board Center: Clue Master Detective
The Cloak Room is a lovely addition and it makes a terrific room to place in the center. It's got the coats of the suspects which is a plus.

Worst Board Center: Clue 1996
Looks like a ship railing surrounding the stairs. Ugh.

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Post by CluedoKid » Sat Feb 10, 2018 8:32 pm

Just thought I'd bump this as it looks I was the only one to give my thoughts when I first posted it. :) Let's see what feelings have changed in 11 years. I figure the original Cluedo board is left out of this, as it's just a floorplan, and may as well open the options up to include Franklin Mint, All PC/DVD games and the Movie. Why not? :)

Best Hall: Murder at Boddy Mansion - I like wood paneling for a hall space, and the marble floor. The decorations and round lobby sofa are great touches.
Worst Hall: 1986 - I'm not big on the choice of blue, and the furnishing doesn't look very imaginative.

Best Lounge: Murder at Boddy Mansion - Again, point goes to the PC game. The red is very inviting, as is lounge's size; it looks to be the largest room in Boddy Mansion.
Worst Lounge: My feelings are still the same that the 1986 game has the worst Lounge; it's effectively a bachelor man cave. Even though 1949 Clue started that concept, 1986 made it worse with adding awful colour choices.

Best Dining Room: A hard one as I don't feel any Clue game has gotten a perfect Dining Room, but I think I'll go with Franklin Mint's.
Worst Dining Room: Clue Reinvention. Not only does this room look messy and dumb with furniture spewed about, it's partially cut off at one end.

Best Kitchen: Franklin Mint's. Looks like a proper Victorian kitchen.
Worst Kitchen: 2016 Orchid version. That stupid giant fucking shoe.

Best Ballroom: Though we didn't get to spend much time in it, I like the spaciousness and flooring of the Movie's Ballroom.
Worst Ballroom: The CD-i/CD-ROM game - It looks more like a drawing room; how would anyone dance in it? I believe this room was used as the Dining Room in the TV series.

Best Conservatory: Franklin Mint's - It evokes a Moorish tea room and the fountain's a great addition.
Worst Conservatory: Clue 1949. For a conservatory, it's pretty underwhelming.

Best Billiard Room: I quite like the secret Billiard Room in Ian Masque's castle.
Worst Billiard Room: Clue 1986/Master Detective: The pool tables in those rooms are tiny, compared to the scale of other objects in the rest of the house.

Best Library: Clue: The Movie, with the bookcase lined doors. Nouveau Riche Oblidge, anyone?
Worst Library: UK Super Cluedo - The yellow walls are ghastly, and two uncomfortable looking desk chairs don't look inviting at all.

Best Study: Clue: Murder at Boddy Mansion - I like the inward facing desk, and wood panelling. I also like how there is prominent collection display without it being the sole focus of the room.
Worst Study:1996 Clue. While the purple and red recolor for the 50th anniversary helps somewhat, this space otherwise look like some counselor's waiting room. I always hated 1996's Study and Lounge's excessive green.

Best Additional Room: Master Detective's Studio
Worst Addition Room: UK Super Cluedo's "Lounge" (Salon in the German one)

Best Board: Clue: Franklin Mint
Worst Board: Clue 1986

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Post by cacums » Sat Mar 17, 2018 11:46 am

Here's a lil collage of some of my favorite rooms on one board.


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