Let's Play Clue - Act III (Climax & Epilogue)

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Re: Let's Play Clue - Act III (Climax & Epilogue)

Post by Sir Shamrock » Fri Aug 03, 2018 5:17 pm

"Well, if I may," Sir Shamrock straightened up, "I'd like to say my goodbyes."

Great Aunt Smoke rolled her eyes.

"While I might not have paying attention to everything that was going on, I think I got the jest of it. A good time was had by all I suppose."

"I hope I never see any of you ever again." Smoke snorted.

"I'm sure we'll all meet up again and laugh about all this."

"Except for Mr. Mossman."

"Yes, except for Mr. Mossman."

Great Aunt Smoke went back home only to be shocked to find that she was never apart of Mr. Boddy's will. In haste and a bit of rage she managed to snag a letter opener, a scrab broach, and a brass candlestick before being caught. In the end, she went on to care for her other "distant" nephews and nieces.

The whole affair left a slight imprint on Sir Shamrock. He began to be more open minded about life. He soon took up traveling to all sorts of places, Europe, Middle East, Asia.... Now he's down for anything. However, he was never 100% sure that that was the last time he will hear from Boddy

(This was a great game everone! Thanks for being so welcoming to a new person like me. Hope to do it again soon)

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Re: Let's Play Clue - Act III (Climax & Epilogue)

Post by Jamie » Sat Aug 04, 2018 11:13 am

Herr Weiss entered the chateau after helping Earl Gules fix some trouble with his rather fine automobile. As the houseguests began to depart one by one, Herr Weiss sighed as he realised that not a single one of the self-obsessed visitors would be likely to offer a hand in clearing up the chateau. He began stacking dirty coffee cups on a hexagonal silver tray, before pausing for a second and then without warning throwing the whole lot onto the floor, waking a dozing Great Aunt Smoke.
"To *beep* with it", he thought. "The Baroness is gone, Boddy is gone. I'm out of a job, let someone else clear this up." He took off his bow tie and threw it across the room, before taking off his smartly pressed jacket and giving it the same treatment.

Rosa Cappadona wasted no time on insincere goodbyes. She hurried out of the house pausing only to flash a few glares at her fellow guests. She did, however, make time for a quick visit to the fur fridge, from where she picked out a couple of the most expensive looking pieces, before leaving the Chateau. For now. She knew she would return again someday.

Herr Weiss quickly found employment, returning to work on the Orient Express as a cabin steward for twelve months. Just enough time to write a memoir of events at the Chateau, including his role in the unmasking of the killer. The book was very popular, and he retired to a cosy house in Bavaria.

Rosa Cappadona went back to Italy, quickly finding romance with an Italian count whom she met on the ferry from Sardinia. The marriage did not last long, and less than a year later, Rosa had divorced the nobleman and benefitted greatly from it. Current whereabouts: unknown.

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