1972 Clue Knife

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1972 Clue Knife

Post by cacums » Sat Dec 09, 2017 12:13 pm

We've discovered the 1972 Candlestick is the Prince of Diamonds (same as the Movie and VCR Games.)

The Revolver is a Pepperbox. The Rope, Wrench, and Lead Pipe are easy enough to track down identicals.

But does anyone what type of Dagger is featured as the Classic Clue Knife?

The concaving handle makes me think it's a Jambiya. But most Jambiyas I've come across have a curved blade. Perhaps some type of a Holbein? I'm running into dead ends :(

Anyone have any knife knowledge? I'm looking to find that Dagger to add to my weapon collection.

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Murder by Death
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Post by Murder by Death » Sat Dec 09, 2017 12:48 pm

You're speaking specifically of the dagger depicted on the card? The token itself is in a straight sheath, so I'm not certain that tapering mid-blade would be on he actual blade in games since. But the handle is the obvious feature that makes this dagger unique. I'm not sure I've gone looking for it surprisingly. I've definitely gone to pains to match the Cluedo dagger and original Clue Bowie knife, but nothing more than a cursory look for the enduring '72 model. It's definitely an oversight.

I find it interesting that the candlestick is dipicted so differently on the card from the token. The wrench is similar enough, despite being rounded on the card and a squared token. Interesting that no attempt was made to accurately portray the candlestick in one of the most enduring versions of the game -- 13 years, influencing the most generations of players.

As long as I'm rambling, I find it interesting that the movie made at the end of the 1972 game's reign, depicted the weapons almost exactly like the cards, except for the revolver, choosing to go so the standard type instead of the 13 year old iconic weapon depicted in the game. I fact, they didn't even use a gun ever depicted in any version of clue to that point (which had been pistols).

Card/weapon comparison:

http://www.theartofmurder.com/forums/vi ... php?t=3956

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Post by CluedoKid » Sat Dec 09, 2017 1:02 pm

In my hunts for daggers on ebay, the 1972 knife looks a lot like daggers from Africa I've seen.

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