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Post by cacums » Fri Jun 30, 2017 11:48 pm

Yes! Thanks for pointing that out. I'll edit that shortly.

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Post by cacums » Sat Jul 01, 2017 12:14 pm

I tried to stay as true to Master Detective, Clue FX, and the DVD game as I could in terms of Location orientation. I ultimately decided that the Carriage House and Stables should be attached rather than two separate locations. So it is in the FX position.


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I love the family Crypt! Nice job. I'm looking forward to catching up on vacation ...

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Post by TheButlerButInnocent » Sat Jul 01, 2017 4:27 pm

I really like the layout! I had mistaken the crypt for the stables and the rose garden for a corral -- but now everything makes sense. Looking forward to reading more!

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Post by cacums » Mon Jul 03, 2017 10:34 am


So far no murder has occurred and things are quite tense. But the next four-part segment named so aptly after this website "The Art of Murder" will change the game up and introduce CluedoKid's fantastically/twisted death illustrations.

My only Clue: A Blonde meet's their end by a pair of Scissors...

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Post by cacums » Wed Jul 05, 2017 8:55 am


A New Header on the Main Page

I hope to incorporate Clues into the design as the story unfolds.

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Post by cacums » Mon Sep 04, 2017 8:20 pm

Took a lot of thought-planning and really getting into the character's heads to write #17.

#18, 19, & 20 will be a lot quicker paced and less driven by character development. I feel we've gotten to the point where they have marinated in the mansion enough amongst themselves for us to learn who they are. Now the fun and chaos shall begin :D

In the meantime -


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Post by cacums » Wed Nov 08, 2017 7:40 am

Due to a switch in web-hosting platform, the website will not be able to be edited during the transfer (which can take up to 2 weeks).

In the Meantime, I will post the #19 Here on the Forum.



Prince Azure sits on the deck of his private ship, staring up at the stars in the eerie sky. The glow of dawn is near. The eastern sky begins to lighten. At Prince Azure’s side is the woman accompanying him – she is Margaret Black-Boddy, the long-thought dead mother of John Boddy and sister of Hugh and Rose Black. Ms. Black-Boddy. She slowly unboxes and unfolds a board game before the two of them.

“I’m not in the mood.� Prince Azure sighs deeply, distracted by other thoughts.

“I figured we could use a distraction.� Mrs. Black-Boddy sets up the game, “Your mother said you loved this game as a young boy.�

Prince Azure inhales deeply as Mrs. Black-Boddy finishes setting up the game.

“Would you like to start?� Mrs. Black-Boddy pulls her stoles and furs tightly around her shoulders as the chilly ocean air makes its way through her clothing.

Prince Azure picks up the dice and rolls them thoughtfully between his fingers, “I haven’t played in ages.�

“We’ve nothing but time to kill.� Mrs. Black-Boddy says

Prince Azure silently rolls the dice onto the board, “Eleven.�

“Lucky roll!� Mrs. Black-Boddy exclaims, optimistically

“Luck has nothing to do with it.� Prince Azure moves his token along the board, “You should know by now that luck isn’t real. Our lives are proof of that.�

“Can’t we just play a fun game without a philosophical debate?� Mrs. Black-Boddy groans

“This game is all about thinking, debating, second-guessing, and triumphing. I’m sorry,� Prince Azure stands up suddenly, “I’m not in the mood for games right now. Maybe after a few hours rest we can play.�

“Yes, of course.� Mrs. Black-Boddy sadly folds up the board game and puts away the pieces.

“I can’t shake the feeling that something bad has happened.� Prince Azure says

“It could be something good.� Mrs. Black-Boddy says, “Our luck could change.�

“Enough about luck!� Prince Azure storms back into his bed chamber, “I’m going to start a bath. Will you join me?�

Ms. Black-Boddy nods in agreement.



In the Stables, Miss Scarlet and Madame Rose peer out the windows.

“I don’t even know where to begin to look,� Miss Scarlet feels the coarse wood walls for a secret passageway.

Madame Rose walks to the double doors and removes the wooden bar.

“I think if we are quick, we can make it.� Madame Rose says, “We likely threw Hugh off when we disappeared from the Gazebo.�

“What if he’s scanning the yard? I don’t want to die!� Miss Scarlet wrings her hands as tears continue to flow down her face. She can’t stop thinking about Edward’s fate.

“Wait a moment,� Madame Rose opens the Stable a tiny bit and peeks out. She keeps her eyes on the Attic window. There is a dim glowing light coming from inside, “No one’s at the window. I can see a light on somewhere in the room up in the Attic.�

Miss Scarlet nervously watches the window as Madame Rose opens the Stables fully, holing the Shotgun tightly.

“Let’s go.� Madame Rose rushes towards the front door.

Miss Scarlet hurries along, half expecting the gunshots to start again. Madame Rose runs straight towards for the front door, while Miss Scarlet nervously weaves and dodges behind hedges and lampposts.

By the time both women reach the front doors, they are completely winded. They are filthy from the tunnel and their clothes are stained in Ben’s blood.

“The darkness might be our savior.� Madame Rose closes the front doors, bolting them. The clank of the doors shutting echoes through the long, shadowy Hall.

“I need a moment.� Miss Scarlet holds her stomach in agony, finding a side chair and sitting down. She leans forward and begins to cry, “I need to see him. I need to know he’s really dead. I just… he can’t be gone. There was still time to fix things.�

“No.� Madame Rose comes over to her, crouching before the weeping girl, “You can’t see him. Believe me, you don’t want to see him.�

“I need to know.� Miss Scarlet persists, trying to sniffle back her tears

“Vivienne,� Madame Rose takes Miss Scarlet’s shivering hands into her own. Her bejeweled fingers caress the young blonde’s dainty white hands, “You cannot go out there. You’ll go into shock. You don’t need to see what happened to him.�

“But…� Miss Scarlet protests with quivering lips

“No.� Madame Rose says softly, “There is going to be enough ugliness during the investigation. What we need to do right now is get ready for the police to arrive. That means changing out of our dirty, bloody clothes.�

Madame Rose steps away from Miss Scarlet, putting the Shotgun down on the table in the center of the room. She keeps walking, heading towards the staircase on the far end of the Hall.

“Where are you going?� asks Miss Scarlet

“To change my clothes.� Madame Rose answers, “I think it would be wise for you to do the same.�

Miss Scarlet takes the Shotgun and follows Madame Rose upstairs, “I don’t think we should split up.�

“I don’t think either of us should be brandishing a weapon. Once the police bust down the front door there will be pandemonium.� Madame Rose says, “You don’t want to be an innocent bystander that is shot for holding a weapon.�

As both women reach the top of the staircase, Madame Rose grabs her head in pain.

“Are you okay?� Miss Scarlet says, quickly catching up to her, “Rose?�

Madame Rose doesn’t answer, instead stumbles, catching herself on the wall. She puts her hands over her stomach suddenly. Tears begin to form in her eyes.

“What’s happening?� Miss Scarlet begins to panic, setting down the Shotgun.

Madame Rose slowly falls to her knees, continuing to grasp at her womb in anguish.

“Rose!� Miss Scarlet puts her arms around her shoulders, uncertain how to help the struggling woman.

“It’s Emily!� Madame Rose tries to calm herself, only becoming more and more on edge, “What happened to us? What has Hugh done?�

“What is it?� Miss Scarlet quickly steps away from Madame Rose, securing the Shotgun in her grasp once more.

Madame Rose freezes. She is silently, completely still on the carpet of the upstairs Hallway.

“Rose?� Miss Scarlet urges, “What is going on? Is it a vision?�

“Someone else has died.� Madame Rose says morbidly

“Who?� Miss Scarlet stares eagerly into Madame Rose’s beady eyes

“I can’t see his face.� Madame Rose closes her eyes, focusing, “The house is too dark. No one has found the body yet.�

“What about Emily?� Miss Scarlet asks

Madame Rose touches her stomach with a trembling hand, “I have to go.�

Madame Rose stands up and quickly races down towards her bedroom, bumping into Mr. Ash as he passes by.

“Out of my way! Out of my way!� Madame Rose shrieks

“I’m going to check on the rest of the house before the police arrive.� Mr. Ash says, “Do you need anything, Miss Scarlet?�

Miss Scarlet does respond, instead she makes her way to the stairwell and climbs to the third floor to her bedroom suite.


Several minutes later, In the Lounge, Mr. Ash stands at the telephone, listening to the dead line. The Lounge is dark. Mr. Ash shines his flashlight around the room. He stubs his foot into something as he crosses behind the sofa near the white piano.

“Blast!� Mr. Ash picks up the Wrench from where it has been carelessly dropped, “What on earth is this doing here?�

Just as the butler is about to leave the vacant room, he hears a creak from the corner where the Secret Passageway is concealed by the painting of countryside nymphs. Mr. Ash quickly shines his flashlight over to see the painting spining freely, showing glimpses of the shadowy passage.

Fivel Dove emerges from the Passageway, shielding his eyes from the bright beam of light from the flashlight.

“Where on earth have you been?� Mr. Ash asks sternly. He puts the flashlight down towards the carpet.

“I was hiding.� Fivel answers fearfully, “The lights went off and I got scared.�

“Why on earth were you hiding?� asks Mr. Ash

“The gunshots.� Fivel says, “I couldn’t find mother. Everyone was scaring me. I’m still scared.�

“And rightly so.� Mr. Ash grips the Wrench tightly, “Come, I’ll take you to your mother.�

Mr. Ash takes the boy out into the Hall, closing the Lounge door quietly.


In the Dining Room, Mrs. White holds the Candlestick for light as Professor Plum searches on top of the large wooden hutch. He is balanced awkwardly on a chair from the dining table.

“I don’t feel anything.� Professor Plum says, “Are you certain it is even still here?�

“Keep reaching.� Mrs. White says

“You haven’t placed any mousetraps up here as a foolish joke?� Professor Plum quickly retracts his hand, “I don’t know where your mind is in your old age.�

“No, of course not!� Mrs. White says, “You know better than anyone that I disapprove of silly games and fun!�

“Oh!� Professor Plum feels around on the top of the hutch, “I felt the corner of something.�

“Try bringing it towards the edge.� Mrs. White instructs

“Yes, that’s what I’m doing.� Professor Plum rolls his eyes, scooting a wooden box forward. With two hands he hands the heavy wooden box to Mrs. White and steps off the chair.

Mrs. White opens the box.

“Oh my,� Professor Plum takes off his glasses

Mrs. White takes out a bar of gold from box.

“How many are there?� asks Professor Plum

“Six.� Mrs. White says, placing the gold bar back into the box, “They’re heavier than I remember.�

“May I?� Professor Plum asks, reaching in and picking one up, “How did you come to acquire these?�

“My husband Winslow, may he rest in peace,� Mrs. White bows her head in respect, “He received them as an inheritance from his rich Aunt Leticia. There were eight bars originally. Winslow liked to gamble.�

“At least he only lost two.� Professor Plum says

“Actually he only used one.� Mrs. White says, “I used the other.�

“For?� Professor Plum asks

“To ensure Richard got accepted into the police academy. I had to ensure Dr. Black would allow me.� Mrs. White says

“You really do love him.� Professor Plum says

“Richard’s my son, of course I love him.� Mrs. White says, “I know he’ll never get to be my son as long as Lord Gray is around, but he’s my son nonetheless. I had to keep him close to me. I had to keep him close to Blackwell Grange.�

“You bribed them.� Professor Plum says

“I paid whoever I needed to pay to ensure that my son had a life close to me. Richard is a dim boy.� Mrs. White sighs, “A head full of blissful joy and a heart full of dreams and love. He’s just a simple, innocent pup lost in a world of wickedness.�

“He seems able minded.� Professor Plum says, “He’s not headstrong like Lord Gray, thank heavens.�

“Have you ever really sat down and talked with Richard?� asks Mrs. White

“Oh yes, not as much recently as I used to, however,� Professor Plum nods, “I used to walk with him when he did his rounds around Blackwell Grange. Until I realized he was straight as an arrow and there was no point.�

“You fancied him?� Mrs. White asks

“I fancy almost anyone.� Professor Plum smirks, “You made a fine young man. I don’t think he’s slow at all. I think he’s just right for who he is. I don’t judge you or hold cynical opinions for spending the gold. Do as you will. It’s your gold.�

“Thank you, Professor.� Mrs. White smiles a bit

“Is there anything else?� Professor Plum asks, “Or can I get to seeing about fixing the electricity.�

“Oh, please hurry!� Mrs. White says, “The guests must be terribly frightened.�


In the Kitchen, Mrs. Peacock turns the Revolver over and over in her hands, examining the fine craftsmanship and the smooth wooden grips. Mrs. Meadow-Brook enters the room.

“Have you seen Emily?� Mrs. Meadow-Brook asks

“No, I haven’t.� Mrs. Peacock says, blatantly turning her back to Mrs. Meadow-Brook, aiming the Revolver towards the Secret Passage.

“I bet it would scare the *beep* out of everyone if I shot this thing right now.� Mrs. Peacock snickers, “Should I do it?�

“No.� Mrs. Meadow-Brook answers flatly. She sniffs the air, “Have you been drinking.�

There is an empty wine bottle beside Mrs. Peacock.

“I’d only hit the furniture serving as a bloody barricade.� Mrs. Peacock says, squinting to see down the sights, “No harm, no foul. Just something to liven up the house until the police arrive.�

“What the *beep* are you talking about?� Mrs. Meadow-Brook asks, “Where you the one shooting outside earlier?�

“No of course not!� Mrs. Peacock says, “Jesus, you’re a dull woman. I was upstairs with you, remember?�

“Mrs. Peacock, please forgive my bluntness, but you’re being a deliberate *****.� Mrs. Meadow-Brook stomps her foot for emphasis, “We are trying to keep ourselves together in light of the distaster at hand! The police are on their way and you are going to be in serious trouble if you don’t sober up and figure out what you are going to tell them.�

Mrs. Peacock turns and fires the gun in Mrs. Meadow-Brook’s direction. The bullet misses, lodging itself into the wall behind her.

“There was a chance it could have hit you.� Mrs. Peacock says walking towards her. Mrs. Meadow-Brook begins backing away.

“P-Please,� Mrs. Meadow-Brook begins to cry, “I’m sorry…�

“It could have hit you anywhere on your body.� Mrs. Peacock aims the Revolver at her again

“Stop!� Mrs. Meadow-Brook cowers to the floor, “Please stop!�

“Did you ***** Hugh while him and I were together?� Mrs. Peacock asks

“No!� Mrs. Meadow-Brook says, “It was after! I swear! He was a mess after you and him split ways. All he talked about was you when we were together. Please just let me go. My daughter needs me!�

Mr. Ash dashes into the Kitchen with Fivel, “What on earth is going on in here? I heard gunfire!�

“Stay out of it Reggie!� Mrs. Peacock points the Revolver at Mr. Ash, “Fivel, run along to the Conservatory or the Library. I’m sure you’ll find someone to latch onto.�

Fivel hightails it to the Conservatory without hesitation.

“Mrs. Peacock, are you serious?� Mr. Ash instantly puts his hands up, dropping the Wrench on the floor, “I want nothing to do with this.�

“Good, neither do I. It’s between me and Jane Meadow-*****.� Mrs. Peacock motions with the barrel of the Revolver.

Mr. Ash nods and quickly leaves the way he came.

“The **** has hit the fan and everyone knows it.� Mrs. Peacock says, “Edward is dead. Did you know that? I found out recently and I still haven’t processed it.�

“This has been a nightmare for all of us; please don’t make it any worse.� Mrs. Meadow-Brook begs

“You’re the fat cow that got pregnant and made everything worse.� Mrs. Peacock says, “Here you are, acting like you’re his fiancée.�

“Neither of us are his fiancée.� Mrs. Meadow-Brook says, “Miss Dove is.�

“He didn’t ask Miss Dove to run away to Russia with him.� Mrs. Peacock says, “He didn’t ask her. He didn’t ask you or Emily. He asked me.�

“Then why are you here trying to get some sort of validation by threatening me?� Mrs. Meadow-Brook asks

“Because I hate you,� Mrs. Peacock leans close to Mrs. Meadow-Brook, “And now that you know how much I hate you, understand that this conversation is only possible because the bullet missed you. From here on out, everything you do will be due to the fact that your life was merely the luck of a coin flip when I spun around and shot at you.�

Mrs. Meadow-Brook is silent, terrified by the piercing evil eyes of the vicious woman before her.

“I hope you lose Miles and Emily.� Mrs. Peacock inhales deeply as she stands straight, “I hope you lose them slowly.�

Mrs. Peacock mills around the Kitchen, taking the Revolver with her. She paces around, her head racing.


In the Ballroom, Mr. Green places the Statuette on the hearth of the left fireplace. He shakes his head at the ridiculousness of having two fireplaces in a single room. John Boddy enters the room.

“I can’t stop thinking about him just dangling there.� John shudders.

“It was macabre.� Mr. Green says, “Where are the others?�

John shrugs, “I went up to my mother’s old room. I kept listening to the music box that chimes when you open her jewelry box. I used to go in there and listen to that music box when I was a little boy after she died. I would cry and cry, listing to the music until I felt safe and warm and loved.�

John realizes how much he’s opened up in front of Mr. Green.

“I’m sorry.� John says, “I should be making sure everyone else is okay, not wallowing in self-pity.�

“It happens.� Mr. Green shrugs, “I’m glad you have something that makes you feel safe. I used to have something, but then it was taken from me.�

“What was it?� John asks.

“My pistol.� Mr. Green chuckles.


Brenda Dove and Yvette come through the Conservatory from the Terrace. Both are dripping wet.

“Did you see him?� Yvette asks, “I couldn’t look.�

“He was covered with a jacket.� Miss Dove says.

“Mr. Green put it over him.� Yvette says, “He didn’t want anyone else to see how gruesome it was.�

“What happened to him?� Miss Dove asks.

Suddenly, Fivel comes charging out of the Secret Passageway.

“Mother!� He gasps

“Fivel!� Miss Dove embraces him, “Come, we have to stay out of sight until the police arrive.�

“Mrs. Peacock is trying to kill us!� Fivel is shaking

“I don’t doubt it.� Miss Dove says, grabbing the Lead Pipe for protection, “Which is why we need to stay out of sight. Should we go back through the Passageway?�

Miss Dove hugs her son tightly. Yvette cautiously looks down the Secret Passageway to the Lounge.

“I don’t want to go back there.� Yvette shakes her head

“Yvette, we might have to.� Miss Dove says, releasing her son and walking over to the panicky French maid.

“I’m cold and frightened.� Yvette begins to breathe heavily, “Why is it still so dark in here?�

“The lights went off and haven’t come back on.� Fivel says

“We’re safer in the darkness.� Miss Dove says, “If anyone enters the room, we stay really quiet and they’ll think the room is empty.�

“Do you think that will really work?� Fivel asks

“Just incase it doesn’t,� Miss Dove moves her son with her towards the Secret Passageway, “We’re going to wait right here by our only other exit.�

Yvette closes her eyes and begins to exhale deeply, calming herself down.

“You’re going to be fine.� Miss Dove says, “You are with us now.�

Yvette nods, smiling at Fivel.

“My mom will keep us safe.� Fivel smiles back at Yvette

“I’m sure she will.� Yvette sighs


In the Billiard Room, Colonel Mustard holds the bottle of Poison up in the light of the fireplace. He takes two glasses from the bar and grabs a bottle of whiskey. He pours both glasses with slow perfection. Monsieur Brunette and Fraulein Bloom watch him from the other side of the bar.

“Just add the Poison.� Monsieur Brunette urges

“Invite him in for a game while you wait for the police.� Fraulein Bloom comes around the bar and rubs Colonel Mustard’s back, “It will be better this way.�

Fraulein Bloom exits the Billiard Room and enters the Hall. Monsieur Brunette stays behind, watching Colonel Mustard.

Colonel Mustard stands alone with the bottle of Poison in his hand. He slowly uncorks the bottle, staring at the liquid inside.


In the Library, Miss Peach stands at the bookshelf scanning the spines of books. It is clear that she is angry.

The Library door opens and Lord Gray enters with a smile.

“Oh, hello,� Lord Gray is chipper

“Has anyone gone to see if Richard was injured in the crash?� Miss Peach asks

“I assume Miss Dove might make a report when she comes back from the police station.� Lord Gray says, sitting down on at the writing desk, “Do tell me, how long do you intend on staying part of Dr. Black’s life?�

“I don’t feel like answering any of your questions.� Miss Peach turns to him

“How very rude,� Lord Gray says, “I suppose you didn’t grow up with manners and ettiquette. You grew up among the slaves and beggers.�

“I grew up among people who can survive on their own.� Miss Peach says, “We don’t needs maids and feasts.�

“No, but it sure is nice, isn’t it?� Lord Gray says, “Go on, admit it! Everyone loves a little luxury, a little pampering.�

Miss Peach turns away from Lord Gray, taking a book off the bookshelf and flipping through it, “You don’t care about Richard’s safety at all, do you?�

“Not even slightly.� Lord Gray says heartlessly, “He’s a burden. He’s a letdown – a disappointment. You two are perfect for each other.�

“And who are you?� Miss Peach says, “A salty proud lord with nothing to show for. You are the last of your kind and you will be forgotten.�

“And yet they’ll still write about me in history books.� Lord Gray smiles with a happy hum, “My legacy is greater than anything your mind could even grasp.�

Miss Peach takes her book and walks past him to the Library doors, “You don’t deserve Richard’s love.�

“Enjoy it while it lasts.� Lord Gray says “It’s not going to be forever.�


In the Study, Miles Meadow-Brook continues to read over the papers behind Hugh Black’s desk. Nurse Silver searches the cushions of the armchair, withdrawing a Syringe.

“I must have lost then when I set my medical bag down in here earlier.� Nurse Silver says, “Miles? Did you find something else?�

“Hugh Black’s last will and testament.� Mr. Meadow-Brook says, “I hadn’t looked over it in years, it appears neither has he.�

“What does it say?� Nurse Silver asks

“In the event of his death, the entire estate will be looked after and financially managed by Patricia Peacock until the 18th birthday of John Boddy.� Mr. Meadow-Brook says

“Yet another bit of legal work to straighten out once Dr. Black is behind bars.� Nurse Silver says

“You seem so certain he’ll be caught.� Mr. Meadow-Brook says

“We know where he’s going.� Nurse Silver says, “Evil can’t win forever.�


In the Kitchen, Mrs. Peacock paces the room holding the Revolver at her side. Professor Plum enters from the Pantry.

“The back stairwell is locked.� Professor Plum says, “Did you lock it?�

“Does it look like I have the keys?� Mrs. Peacock shrugs, holding the Revolver drunkenly.

“I’m not entirely sure,� Professor Plum eyes the intoxicated woman carefully, “In any rate, I’m going to look for the keys. Would you care to help me?�

Professor Plum pulls out a drawer and dumps the contents on the counter.

“I’m sorry about Edward.� Professor Plum sorts through the potato peelers, strainers, and measuring spoons.

“Thank you,� Mrs. Peacock sits down at the table in the center of the room, setting down the Revolver.

“Does Vivienne know?� asks Professor Plum

“I haven’t seen here since I last saw Edward.� Mrs. Peacock says, “I half wonder…�

“You mustn’t think that.� Professor Plum says, “All hope isn’t lost.�

“Can I tell you something?� asks Mrs. Peacock

“I’ve been quite the popular demand for ladies to chat with in light of these circumstances.� Professor Plum chuckles

“I told Hugh Black that I didn’t want to go away with him. He offered to run away with me and I said no. I insinuated that I didn’t love him anymore, but the truth is – after twenty long years, I haven’t stopped loving him.� Mrs. Peacock says, “I want to run away with him. With every fiber of my being I want to run away and live that dream with him.�

“Then why didn’t you agree?� asks Professor Plum

“Hugh’s changed.� Mrs. Peacock says, “Time has made him cold. Time has taken away his ability to feel. He’s hardened and become so… different. I can’t explain it. It’s like he’s a different person with the memories of the person I once loved and adored.�

“Hugh has darkened.� Professor Plum says, “Even considerably since I’ve known him.�

“There was a moment in the Lounge, when Hugh tried to convince me to leave with him,� Mrs. Peacock takes a breath, holding back tears, “There was a moment when I felt the spark of joy that I once had with him. But then the moment fell away when I remembered Jane Meadow-Brook’s face.�

“You hate Miss Peach also?� Professor Plum asks

“So much.� Mrs. Peacock closes her eyes, “When I think of those two red-haired vixens I get the urge to wring their necks.�

“I think we are going to get along just fine,� Professor Plum takes off his glasses, “Tell me, are you a mean drunk or a crazy drunk?�

“A little bit of both.� Mrs. Peacock shrugs

“The police will be here soon.� Professor Plum says

“So I’ve heard.� Mrs. Peacock says

“Care to wait it out in the Lounge?� Professor Plum says

“I thought you were looking for the keys.� Mrs. Peacock points to the upturned drawer

Professor Plum shrugs, “Let the police bash down the back door and deal with it. I’ve done enough tonight.�


Miss Scarlet and Madame Rose come down the grand staircase in the Hall wearing fresh, dry clothes. The air is tense and there is a sense of urgency about Madame Rose’s movements.

“The power is still out.� Madame Rose comments

“You don’t suppose it was the storm, do you?� Miss Scarlet asks

“With everything else that’s happened, it’s fair to assume the power outage is deliberate…� Madame Rose is cut off by a loud clash of thunder. She gasps and looks skywards.

“Do you know where the body is?� Miss Scarlet asks nervously. Her hands are nervously trembling at her chest. She fidgets with the chain of a long golden locket.

“Shh!� Madame Rose hushes the young woman, “We must be quiet and careful. We’ll start at the front of the Hall and work our way down.�

Miss Scarlet opens the Study door to see Nurse Silver and Mr. Meadow-Brook hovering in the light of an oil lamp over the Study desk. They both look up in shock as Madame Rose pops into the doorway.

“There’s been another murder.� Madame Rose says

Mr. Meadow-Brook and Nurse Silver quickly stand up and exit the Study. They follow Miss Scarlet and Madame Rose over to the Lounge door.

“Who is it? What happened?� Mr. Meadow-Brook asks promptly, “Did something happen to my wife? Is Jane okay?�

Madame Rose opens the Lounge door. The room is empty. Miss Scarlet turns back to Nurse Silver and Mr. Meadow-Brook with dread.

“Edward’s gone.� Miss Scarlet begins to cry again.

Madame Rose opens the Library door. Lord Gray emerges.

“What’s all the commotion?� Lord Gray asks, “Why are all these doors being slammed?�

“You should be in bed!� Nurse Silver points the oil lamp in Lord Gray’s direction, “Let me see your eyes.�

“Back off, Deborah!� Lord Gray backs away, “I’ve survived worse than a gunshot. I had a little pick-me-up. I’m feeling much better now.�

“You’re stoned out of your head!� Nurse Silver says, “What was it? Hmm? I need to know before I administer the pain medication tomorrow.�

“Just a touch of cocaine,� Lord Gray chuckles, “It’s nothing for you to worry your pretty little blonde head about.�

Nurse Silver turns in disgust as Miss Scarlet takes comfort on her shoulder.

“I’m so sorry, Vivienne.� Nurse Silver tries to soothe the panicked girl.

Madame Rose opens the Dining Room to see Mrs. White standing in the light of the Candlestick.

“Blanche, something’s happened.� Mrs. White quickly stands in front of her secret box, “Oh, you startled me! I’ll only be one moment.�

Mr. Meadow-Brook opens the Billiard Room door to find that the room is empty. Before leaving he stops to notice two empty glasses on the edge of the billiard table.

Across the Hall, Madame Rose opens the Pantry and runs straight through to the Kitchen. As she opens the door, she nearly bumps Mrs. Peacock and Professor Plum to the floor.

“Where’s the fire?� Professor Plum scoffs, “You really shouldn’t run in the dark.�

“You’re alive.� Madame Rose takes Mrs. Peacock and forcefully by the hands.

“Why wouldn’t I be?� asks Mrs. Peacock, holding up the Revolver.

“I thought it was your face.� Madame Rose says, “My mistake, even the visions come in blurrily.�

“You had a bloody vision!� Professor Plum says, “Is that what you came in here like a bat out of *beep*?�

“Come,� Madame Rose says, “We must group up with the others.�

Madame Rose leads Mrs. Peacock by the hand through the Pantry and into the Hall. Professor Plum follows with an annoyed sigh.

“Oh thank god!� Miss Scarlet embraces Mrs. Peacock

“What is going on out here?� Mrs. Peacock asks, looking around at all the distraught, tired faces around her.

Miss Scarlet’s eyes well up with tears as she buries her head into Mrs. Peacock’s shoulder.

“What is going on?� Mrs. White speaks softly, from the Dining Room doorway.

“My brother was shot.� Madame Rose says, opening the Conservatory and checking for anyone inside, “Come out, I know you’re in there.�

There is no response. Miss Dove, Fivel, and Yvette remain silent where they hide in th shrubbery.

“Please come out now,� Madame Rose says, tapping the Shotgun against the doorframe, “I want to keep everyone as calm as possible – hence the urgency in my voice. Please come out.�

Miss Dove slips her hand over Fivel’s mouth and holds her breath. Yvette closes her eyes and covers her ears.

“Fine.� Madame Rose pulls the trigger of the Shotgun at the floor of the Conservatory.

“Okay! Jesus!� Miss Dove ushers Fivel and Yvette from their hiding spots, “What do you want?�

“My brother was shot.� Madame Rose pulls them into the Hall

“Shot?� Mrs. Peacock gasps, “Hugh?�

“Dr. Black was shot?� Yvette gasps dramatically

“No. Not Hugh. It was my twin brother, Ben the Fifth.� Madame Rose says

“He’s dead?� Miss Peach calls from the top of the stairs, where she stands next to Mr. Ash. Both have overheard everything.

Fivel stares at Mrs. Peacock in fear, clinging to his mother tightly. Miss Dove and Mrs. Peacock lock eyes. Mrs. Peacock smirks and hands the Revolver to Professor Plum. He tucks it into his waistband.

Mr. Ash points his flashlight down the grand staircase at the group that has assembled below.

“Ben was shot in the head.� Madame Rose announces, “He’s dead. It happened right in front of Miss Scarlet and I at the Gazebo. It was Hugh, he killed him. He shot him from the Attic window.�

“You saw him?� asks Miss Peach

“Yes.� Madame Rose lowers her head in shame, “I knew what Hugh was planning on doing. That’s why I came back. I knew he was planning on killing every single person here.�

“You knew and you didn’t say anything?� Nurse Silver is mortified

“I think you had better start explaining yourself.� Miss Dove pulls Fivel tightly to her side.

“That’s absurd.� Lord Gray begins to laugh, “Do you honestly believe any of us think you are anything more than a street mountebank?�

“Lord Gray,� Madame Rose turns to him, “I’ll begin to take down your perfect façade one brick at a time for all to see. Is that what you’d like?�

“Go ahead and try.� Lord Gray says boldly

“Mrs. White and I have become close penpals over the years,� Madame Rose narrows her eyes, “Are you certain about that?�

Lord Gray’s facial expression changes quickly to that of worry. He glances over to Mrs. White, who remains silent, ignoring eye contact altogether.

“This is about Hugh,� Madame Rose says, “His friends and rivals have all been gathered into Blackwell Grange on the same weekend. My twin brother, Hugh’s… science project, is set free. Then Hugh begins the painstaking task of committing the murders.�

“But why?� Mrs. Peacock asks.

“I think we can explain that.� Nurse Silver nudges Mr. Meadow-Brook on the arm

“It appears there has been a lot of recent change in Dr. Black’s finances.� Mr. Meadow-Brook says, “His accountant, Mr. Slate-Grey…�

“Mr. Slate-Grey is dead.� Mr. Green says, “That’s why he asked me to act as his new financial advisor.�

“When did Mr. Slate-Grey die?� asks Mr. Meadow-Brook.

“Early this year.� Mr. Green says.

“I’m afraid that doesn’t appear to be true.� Mr. Meadow-Brook shakes his head.

“He can’t just fake a death.� Mr. Green says.

“He did exactly that with both my twin brother and our father.� Madame Rose says, “Unless he’s murdered father tonight as well…�

“Then it’s safe to assume he killed Mr. Clay.� Professor Plum says.

“He was looking for firearms earlier. Quite frantically, I might add.� Mrs. White chimes in.

Mr. Ash shoots her an angry look. She looks at him and shrugs.

“Don’t say that unless you’re certain.� Mrs. Peacock says, “Don’t make me go to that dark place unless I absolutely have to.�

“I’m afraid it’s true.� Miss Dove speaks up from the corner of the Hall, where she holds her son tightly, “Dr. Black isn’t the person he presents himself to be.�

Yvette is trembling in shock, staring at Lord Gray in terror from across the room. Lord Gray licks his lips, taunting her. Yvette steps back into the Conservatory doorway out of his sight.

“Tell us, Miss Dove, where on earth have you been?� Nurse Silver asks, noticing Miss Dove’s shaking body and dirty limbs. The burns on her temples from electric shock are unsettling.

“There are a lot of things you don’t know.� Miss Dove points at Mrs. White and Mr. Ash, “First, we must subdue his servants!�

No one responds to Miss Dove’s orders.

“Oh, please,� Mr. Ash scoffs, “No one wants to hear anything you have to say. No one even likes you.�

“They tried to take me.� Miss Dove begins explaining as quickly as she is able, “Mrs. White, Mr. Ash, Dr. Black, and Lord Gray are all in on it! Yvette saved me, she’ll tell the truth.�

Yvette cautiously steps out of the Conservatory doorway. Mrs. White and Mr. Ash both stare harshly at Yvette. She glances from place to place at the faces around her.

“Lord Gray and Dr. Black are murderers!� Yvette says, barely able to contain her grief.

There is a sudden murmur of worry between the assembled men and women.

“If I listened to every rumor and bit of gossip and took it as fact, every one of you would be in prison or executed long ago.� Lord Gray speaks up, “Tell us, Yvette, what is it that you have to accuse me of?�

Yvette feels a growing lump in her throat preventing her from speaking. Her eyes well up with tears, “You…�

“Go back home to your mother and cry to her.� Lord Gray snaps

Yvette freezes.

“You don’t know anything.� Lord Gray goes on, “You just latch onto whoever cares and follow them around like a blind puppy, picking up scraps and calling it a meal. Nothing you say is fact, nor should it be treated as fact.�

Yvette buries her head into her hands and rushes back into the Conservatory. Miss Dove turns to follow her but notices Lord Gray approaching, his cane pointed up in the air.

“As for you,� Lord Gray says, “If you slander my name and my credibility I’ll have you parading through the streets and ridiculed by every vicar and vicar’s wife in 100 miles. You’re single mother – a ***** – clinging to a rich doctor for comfort and stability. We all know the type of gold digger you are. I bet that boy isn’t even yours.�

Miss Dove grabs Fivel extra tightly, “Shut your mouth!�

“We know you tease and curl your hair in the morning to mimic the blonde curls that boy has.� Lord Gray says, “I bet you picked that orphan off the side of the street as a ruse!�

“No!� Fivel begins to cry.

“That’s enough!� Miss Dove says, “Come on Fivel, we are leaving.�

“Good.� Lord Gray says.

“I’ve had it with this place. I’ve seen who Hugh really is. I’ve seen the type of company he keeps…� Miss Dove locks eyes with Mrs. Peacock, “I’m never stepping foot in this mansion ever again!�

“I believe her!� Miss Peach says, coming down the stairs and away from Mr. Ash.

“Thank you, Emily.� Miss Dove takes Miss Peach’s hands and leads her over to Yvette and Fivel.

“They locked Ben in that horrible place.� Miss Peach says, “They deserve whatever happens once the police arrive.�


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Post by cacums » Thu Nov 09, 2017 5:02 pm

Still waiting on an email back from the website host due to some authentication issues. In the meantime, here is a preview of some new illustrations by CluedoKid that will be appearing once everything is up and running.


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Post by cacums » Sat Dec 09, 2017 5:38 am

The Story, Illustrations, and Overall Series HAS NOT been abandoned.

I lost a lot of files on my main computer and had issues with the website host during a server change. The website was lost and apparently I don't currently own it. So I'm likely just going to do a free web host when the site relaunches.

I hope to relaunch by the New Year with more frequent updates and many more illustrations incorporated into the story.

Thank you to all for the lovely Facebook messages, emails, and dms! I'm so grateful to my friend Matt (CluedoKid) for bringing this story to life, and my good friend Wyatt for advertising and bringing in Clue-newbies! I appreciate the kind words, thoughts, theories, and the energy you guys bring!! I'll try to be more available on the forum in coming weeks.

Thanks again. I'll update on here and personally as needed :)

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