Small praise for the 2013 ? figures

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Small praise for the 2013 ? figures

Post by alwaysPeacock » Sun Sep 24, 2017 4:08 am

I think most of us agree the 2013 blobs with ? chests suspect tokens were...not great. A minor improvement over the ? slabs of 2009, but still a bit ugly when the classic pawns would have been just fine.

But when I was having a look at the set included with the Silver Line edition, I noticed a couple of small details which have given me a new appreciation for these generally underwhelming playing pieces:

(click to enlarge)

When they're scattered all over the board, you can't see it, or, it's easy to overlook. But line them up on a level surface, and suddenly you can tell the male & female figures are shaped differently from one another.

The female figures feature an hourglass body, and taper at the end like a dress might do. They're also ever so very slightly shorter than the male figures, which were made with a straight body, and slightly longer arms.

(click to enlarge)
Image Image

Gender stereotypes aside, I actually think this little touch is pretty clever of Hasbro. It doesn't chance the fact that these are still unattractive playing pieces...

...but it does make them the only set to correspond with Pratt's patent specification of different sized/shaped pawns for male & female suspect tokens. Methinks someone behind these pieces just might have done his/her homework when designing them.

(I checked the original versions from the 2013 standard game, and they match these points, too. That set is also truly hideous with its candy-bright colors. These muted versions for the SL edition definitely make them more bearable to look at & use.)
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Post by Murder by Death » Sun Sep 24, 2017 12:52 pm

Meh. They still took the cheap way out. I'd prefer traditional pawns to these any day, something evidently Hasbro figured out when they made the North American "Orchid" edition. There's great irony here that they would go to the trouble to introduce Orchid, and still fall back on tokens which promote 40s-era gender stereotypes. If somebody did do their research for the 2013 edition, the token sizes was about all they took away from that patent application. If it weren't for the fact that the bean counters would want to know why there had to be two different sets of molds, instead on just one for all six characters, I'd say the decision makers at Hasbro had no idea the designers even did this -- and that realization is actually kind of frightening for the thought processes of the executives running that company -- they actually approved of spending extra money to reinforce gender stereotypes!

That said, nice find!

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