Logic Puzzles for Clue/Cluedo (A.K.A Puzzlement for Crimes)

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Logic Puzzles for Clue/Cluedo (A.K.A Puzzlement for Crimes)

Post by cluefan8888 » Sun Feb 19, 2017 11:03 am

At 12:19 on February 19 Inspector Black was tasked with solving 5 unsolved Murders. He So far Knows :
Dr. Orchid was Killed in 1939
Mr. White was Killed in 1954
Mrs. Cloud was Killed in 1977
Dr. Orange was Killed in 1982
And Mme. Dea'th was Killed in 1996.
Inspector Black can think of 5 people who would kill the victims :
Miss Scarlet
Colonel Mustard
Rev. Green
Mrs. Peacock
Professor Plum

Col. Mustard Used The Gun.
Professor Plum Did NOT Kill in the Jungle of Nool.
Miss Scarlet Killed a Doctor.
Mrs. Peacock Killed in the manor of a deceased.
Col. Mustard Killed when the book Horton hears a who was published.
Miss Scarlet killed at the only place that exists in real life.
Miss Scarlet And Mrs. Peacock both used the weapons that they were given in the movie.
Professor Plum did not use a strangulation weapon.
Mrs. Peacock Killed the one whose death occurred at the year when Chuck E Cheese Started.
Professor Plum killed The one who was French.
Rev. Green Killed at the same place where Dr. Black was Killed.
Rev. Green Killed when the wizard of oz was made.
Col. Mustard did NOT Kill in Oz.
Mrs. Peacock killed after Rev. Green.
Suicide Bridge
Turdor Close
Jungle of Nool
Orchid Manor
Have Fun Finding Out WHO killed WHO with WHAT at/in WHERE and WHEN.

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