Murder Mystery Questionnaire

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Murder Mystery Questionnaire

Post by Black » Mon Oct 20, 2014 6:57 am

Hi guys. I need some help with some Media coursework. I have created a questionnaire about murder mysteries and I was hoping that you guys could take the

1. Do you enjoy the murder mystery genre and why?

 Yes  No

2. When it comes to the murder mysteries, what is your favourite medium?

 Television / Film  Theatre  Radio  Board Games  Books

3. Would you prefer to watch the murderer commit the murder (like Columbo) or the detective solving the crime (like Poirot) and why?

 Watching the murderer Watching the detective

4. Do you like the plotlines and if so/not, why?

 Yes  No

5. Do you think that the genre is easily explained?

 Yes  No

6. Do you think that the fictional detectives can be relatable to the audience, if so/not why?

Yes  No

7. How often do you guess the murderer(s) correctly?

 Never  A few times A lot of times  All the time

8. Do you prefer murder mysteries adapted from books or with their own plotline and why?

 From Books  Original Storyline

9. Do you ever have any sympathy towards some of the murderers? Please state your reasons as to why?

Yes  No

10. What is your preferred setting for a murder mystery?

Mansion / Big House
 Country Village
 Abroad
 Train / Cruise
 Other
If you have answered other, what is your favourite setting for a murder mystery.

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