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Post by chrispurs2012 » Sun Jan 15, 2012 12:16 pm

Hi all,

My dad has recently died and in his possessions he has left behind an enormous Cluedo collection. The collection consists of various versions of the classic game, identical games in different languages and other related memorabilia.

I was wondering if anyone could provide me with any assistance in what I should do with this collection?

As you can imagine, attempting to sell each individual item will be very time consuming so an auction house may be my best bet.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this. I appreciate any feedback given.



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Post by chrispurs2012 » Thu Mar 22, 2012 5:48 pm

Waddingtons Cluedo The Great Detective Game (1965 - 1972) Stock 403
Waddingtons Cluedo The Great Detective Game Ref 44031
Jeu Clue Le jeu de detective de Parker Brothers No. A - 45
Cluedo Das klassische Detektiv-Spiel 0008500
Clue Parker Brothers Classic Detective Game 00045
Cluedo Een spel voor amateurdetectives 0008504
Cluedo Jewish
Cluedo Das klassische Detektiv-Spiel 1982-1987
Cluedo The Classic Detective Game (wooden box)
Cluedo carnival the case of the missing prizes
Cluedo Das klassische Detektiv-Spiel 00102100
Clue II A VCR mystery game Murder in Disguise (x2)
Cluedo? The Great Detective Game a Waddingon Product Made by the makers of monopoly (x2) and large box
Cluedo Travel The Great detective Game
Cluedo Edizione Speciale Viaggio Con Delitto
Cluedo VCR Mystery Game
Cluedo El Dr.Lemon ha sido asesinado! Tienen alguna pista?
Cluedo Super Challenge Edition Passport To murder
Cluedo Junior Detective with magic magnifying glass
Clue The Movie VHS
Clue Master Detective More Suspects, More Rooms, More Weapons (x@)
Cluedo 50 1949 1999
Cluedo? Pat no, 586817 (x2)
Cluedo Ipuclarini Bul, Cinayeti Coz
"Clue" Detective Game No. 045(x2)
Cluedo? Boards (x2 loose 586817)
Clue Parker Brothers Classive Detective Game
Cluedo ZX Spectrum 48K
Cluedo Commodore 64
Cluedo? Milo Company
Clue x2 loose boards
Cluedo The Classic Detective Game Funskool
Cluedo The Great Video Detecitve Game
Clue The Great New Sherlock Holmes Game (see loose board)
Clue The Great Detective Game (see loose board)
Cluedo Le Dr Lenoir a ete assassine Tient-on une piste?
Cluedo International Edition
Cluedo Card Game
Clue Jr The Case of the hidden toys
Cluedo Grand Jeu D'enquete Policiere
Original Cluedo? The Great Detective Game
Cluedo Le Jeu Des Grands Detectives
Cluedo il gioco poliziesco piu'diffuso nel mondo
Cluedo Junior il gioco poliziesco per giovani investigatori
Cluedo (Chinese) Classic Detective Game
Cluedo Le Jeu Des Grands Detectives (Green box)
Cluedo The Simpsons
Cludo Super Challenge
Cluedo Key Chain
Cluedo The Great Detective Game 44031
Clue Parcheesi
Cluedo Was geschah mit Graf Eutin?
Clue The Great New Detective Game Jeu d'indices
Clue The Great Detective Game Who Were How
Clue The Great Museum Caper
Clue Who Where How? Orange box
Cluedo magnetic pocket edition
Cluedo Super Sleuth
Clue Little Detective
Cluedo Edite Par mIRO cy
computer edition Cluedo Master Detecive
Cluedo chinese
Cluedo the leeds cententary edition
Clue classic detective game
Clue N0. 045
Super Cluedo Editrice Giochi
Cluedo junior german
Vimto Cluedo
Clue Suspects 60 spine tingling murder mystery
Cluedo edicion extra desafio pasporte al misterio
Cluedo magnetic ausgabe 1991
italian cluedo travel
Cluedo SFX (x2)
Cluedo SFX French
Cluedo German

Clue Mysteries Decoding Detective Game 42404 (x2)
Clue Mystery Puzzle: A Merry Little Murder, Death in the First Edition, The masquerade murder, Garden of evil, diamonds can be deadly, killers in th kitchen, six cases of murder, death on safari, death foretold, framed for murder, killer on board, the colour of murder, to kill a dying man, the country ink murder, a ghostly murder,
Clue Murder at Boddy Mansion
Cluedo Junior Detektive Watson gibr ein Ratsel auf!
"Clue" Wooden Box
Clue Chronicles Fatal Illusion A Mystery Adventure
Cluedo Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle: The colour of murder, killer on board, a merry little murder, diamonds can be deadly, six cases of murder, garden of evil, killers in the kitchen, death in the first edition
Cluedo: Hungarian(14536165), Spanish(14536105), Finland (14536266)
Clue Tins: simpsons, limited gift edition, haunted mansion walt disnety,
Cluedo le jeu des grands detecitves
Cluedo Travel
Cleduo Reisspel op reis
Travel Cluedo green box
Cluedo Top Cards
Cluedo The Classic Detective Game (wooden box)
Cluedo DVD Game
Clue & Sorry
Cluedo Murder at tudor hall & one in german
Clue The Great Detective 1949 1st Edition
Clue Scooby Doo
Clue Dungeons and Dragons
Cluedo The original
Super Cluedo (German) 05864100
Cluedo Simpsons (x2)
Clue Simpsons
Cluedi The Great Detective Game (Arabic)
Alfred Hitchock edition
Cluedo An unsolved mystery with the usual suspects (chinese)
Cluedo mysteries the detective game with 3 decoders
Clue 1949 first edition tin
Cluedo The Classic Detective game020600045102
Cluedo The Haunted Mansion
Cluedo Vintage Game Collection 2005 + 2006
Cluedo case of the missing chocolate cake
Cluedo Classic Game in chocolate
Clue Tin Twilight zone tower of terror
Cluedo korean Arrest a burglar
Clue Laser Video Disc
Clue 1931 limited edition biplane 04280
Clue Johnny Lightning cars: The Rope, The Hall, The Revolver, The Lounge, Miss Scarlett, The Study, The Dining Room, The Ballroom, Mr Green, The Knife, The Wrench, The Study, The Revolver, The Billiard Room, Professor Plum, Mr Gree, The Ballroom, The Candlestick, Professor Plum, The Study, Professor Plum, The Revolver, The Wrench
Mrs White Doll (madame alexander the clue game doll - style number 25255)
Cluedo signature box
Cluedo blue tie with weapons on in white
Clue Limited Edition Watch CLU1010K794
Gameboy Advance Clue
Cleudo german 080119617100
Cluedo wrapping paper
Cluedo scartch card detective game
Cluedo die cast, lledo, promotional model van
Cluedo 1954 sealed advert a4 page
Cluedo SFX: spanish, english,
Cluedo: spanish (080300045105) Russian (120400045121) (090300045120) (090300045266) (090300045634) (080300045102) (080300045101) (090300045122) (090300045268) (080300045100)
Clue C00045 (French + English)

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Post by Michael » Thu Mar 22, 2012 5:50 pm

The above list was buried in the spam folder. My apologies. Are these still available?
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Post by TheWhitePawn » Fri Mar 23, 2012 11:07 am

Wow, that's quite a collection! Please let us know if you intend on selling them individually or as a whole, since I'm sure lots of people here will be interested in many of the games.
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Post by chrispurs2012 » Fri Mar 23, 2012 12:16 pm

I am looking to selling it all!

I would prefer to sell it all for a reasonable price

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Post by chrispurs2012 » Fri Mar 23, 2012 7:16 pm

Happy to sell items individually!

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