The Boddy Scale

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The Boddy Scale

Post by Sir Shamrock » Wed Jul 24, 2019 9:51 pm

Lately I've been thinking of all the different Mr. Boddy's there are and how they're all unique personality wise. What if they were all ranked on how their alignments are? Here's what I think

Morally Perfect 1. Mr. Reginald Boddy (A.E Parker Books)

2. Dr. David Black (Puzzle Series)

3. Mr. Boddy (Clue Candlestick)

4. Mr. John Boddy (Early-Mid 2000s games)

True Neutral 5. Pure Mr. Boddy (1949-2002)

6. Mr. A. Boddy (IDW Comics)

7. Mr. Xavier Boddy (Clue Chronicles)

8. Lee Ving as Mr. Boddy (1985 film)

9. Tim Curry as Wadsworth as Mr. Boddy (1985 film)

Terrible Villain 10. Mr. Victor Sebastian Boddy (CD-i/PC)

How would you rank these Boddys?

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